Spending Quality Time Devoted To Your Baby, Snuggling, Rocking, and Feeding

Preschool & Daycare Serving Noblesville, IN

Providing such quality care for your child, from infancy to school-age, is not only our passion but our steadfast commitment to you.

Our highly trained staff utilizes the Creative Curriculum to bring out the best in your child, inspiring creativity, fostering independence, and encouraging their learning through play. We believe that a high-quality educational experience should be available for all children, which is why we offer full-time school-age care during school breaks and Summer. Maintaining highly individualized care, customized to your child, allows them to reach their highest potential.
We provide a safe and caring environment, with experienced and educated teachers who watch over, nurture, and educate your child. Additionally, through children sharing with one another, cooperative play, and drawing on their unique interests, they naturally develop a more significant knowledge base.

We at Creative Campus Child Care are proud to serve our local area, which includes Hamilton County and Noblesville.

How Old Is Your Child?

8 weeks - 12 mts

13 months - 24 mts

3 yrs - 4 yrs

6 - 10 yrs