One-On-One Attention and Devoted Care

Spending Quality Time Devoted To Your Baby, Snuggling, Rocking, and Feeding

Infants Program | 8 weeks - 12 months | Serving Noblesville, IN

Days Full Of Love, Cuddles, and Holding

Warm, caring, and highly educated team members are continually engaging with your baby by talking to them.  By holding and hugging your child, they feel comforted, safe, and secure.

Your Baby Receives Praise for Reaching Milestones

Your baby is praised as they master every milestone, like rolling over or crawling.  This enthusiasm and personal attention help your baby to continue to thrive as they develop and grow.

Stimulating Activities Help Your Baby Develop at Their Own Rate

The center’s infant teachers plan stimulating sensory activities for your child with different soft toys and touch and feel books.  Your baby is viewed as an individual, and we plan experiences for them that foster their own growth in all developmental areas.

Daily Reading to Your Baby Jumpstarts Their Path To Literacy

Every day teachers pour over “touch and feel” books with your baby, exploring the different textures and feels.  We gently introduce small group reading to your child, capturing their attention in a comfortable social setting.

Singing Songs and Learning Language Promote Expression

Teachers continuously dialogue with your baby, and expose them to sounds, words, and language every day.  By speaking to them consistently and singing songs to them, they are understanding more and taking their first baby steps towards learning language.

Teachers Engage Your Baby with Creative Arts And Music

Your baby is guided through age-appropriate art time that lets them get a little messy while exploring colors and having some artistic fun.  Soft music is played for your baby a few times a week, engaging their listening skills and enhancing their environment overall.

Safety, Peace, and Comfort Make Up Your Child's Day

Your child’s safety is always our top priority. There are video cameras in every classroom so that children are monitored by office staff as well as our highly trained staff. A security code is required to enter all our buildings to ensure your child’s peace and absolute safety.

Parent Communication App Provides You with Updates

Logged info on feeding, sleeping, and diapers are sent to you throughout the day so that you can see your baby’s schedule.  Our “Hi Mama” parent communication lets you communicate directly with your baby’s teacher and stay informed on the happenings in your child’s day.

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