A Creative Curriculum That Ensures School Readiness

A Curriculum That Guarantees Your Child is Fully Prepared for Kindergarten

Preschool Program | 3 - 4 years | Serving Noblesville, IN

An Exploratory, Emergent Learning Environment

Experienced teachers flow with the interests of your child, and organically lead them towards the next step in their learning. This allows your child to explore their interests fully in both self-led and teacher-led activities.

Creative Curriculum© Prepares Your Child For Academic Success

The Creative Curriculum© is an innovative and effective curriculum that actively engages your child, supporting the differences in learning styles, maturity, and interests. Teachers plan exciting and educational activities that encourage children to grow in all developmental areas.

A Structured Schedule with Lots of Play

The daily schedule provides ample structured time, where they are engaged in educational activities, as well as time for your child to choose their own desired activities like art, manipulative and dramatic play while having fun.

Building Confidence and Independence Through Play

Daily self-directed play opportunities give children one or two options of where they want to be in the classroom. This develops their decision-making skills and sound judgment skills. Some examples of fun, self-directed play opportunities are:

Creative Arts, Painting, and Music Support Your Child's Learning

With your child’s limitless ideas come endless possibilities for creative arts in the classroom. Children lead their own creative process, with their teacher’s guidance, and develop their own ideas. Music is played in the classroom a few times a week, lending to the creative environment.

A Designated Quiet Space in Every Classroom

This quiet space, with soft, oversized pillows, let’s your child regain their calm and composure when they are feeling overwhelmed. Each classroom has a designated area for your child to use when they need some quiet time and be away from everyone.

Learning Math Through Measuring and More

Making lessons more hands-on has a lasting impact on your child’s foundational understanding of math. An example of math exploration is using a tape measure to measure the height of people, and the length, width, depth, and height of things too.

Rooms Arranged Into Educational Centers For Optimal Learning

Each of the preschool rooms is arranged into educational centers to engage children in the learning process actively. Children can explore the many centers throughout the day, which include:

A Writing Station Fully Stocked with Paper and Pencils

Our writing station is a little desk that your child can use to practice writing daily. This desk is stocked with paper and pencils, and all the things your child needs to sit down to start learning to write their letters and numbers.

Home-Living Practice in A Little Kitchen

Your child role plays and models home life in our little kitchen center. Such dramatic play is highly expressive, allows your child to interact with others, and helps them to understand themselves and their role in the family, in the classroom and the world at large.

Manipulative Play with Magnets and More

Our manipulatives center has square and triangular magnets that your child can put together to build shapes, practice their counting, and to increase their fine motor skills. Sorting colored beads with tongs is another example of manipulative play that helps develop smaller movements and muscles needed for grasping.

Fun Dancing, Singing and Circle Time Every Morning

During circle time, your child learns to sit and enjoy this classic morning routine. We cover the days of the week, the monthly and yearly calendar, and the days of the week. Dancing and singing make this a much-anticipated part of your child’s day.

Learning Through Games Like “The Days of the Week” Game

“The Day of the Week” game is an example of creative curriculum learning. By asking children specific questions, like what day it is, they can take turns answering and speaking in front of the group, while being wholly engaged in this learning activity. We sing the days of the week and take turns pointing to each day in this game.

Large Group, Small Group, and Individualized, Custom Instruction

Teacher-guided activities are done in large groups, small groups, and are individualized to meet your child’s specific needs. This offers a wide variety of learning experiences that shape your child’s understanding of different subjects, like Math, Science, and Art, while learning to cooperate and to work well with others.

Your Child’s Safety is A First Priority

For your child’s safety, a security code is required to enter all our buildings. There are video cameras in every classroom and on the playgrounds too. Children are monitored by office staff as well as our highly trained teachers.

Highly Educated Teachers Build Strong Minds

All teachers have degrees as well as advanced training, namely the CDA (Child Development Credential). This advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities make us leaders in the field of the early childhood education field.

Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks Included

Proper nutrition is essential for your child’s development. We place emphasis on providing nutritional meals and snacks that are low-fat and low-sugar, at no extra cost to you.

Parent Communication App Providing Info Throughout the Day

Brighten your day with pictures your child colored or painted, and get updates on how they are doing. The “Hi Mama” parent communication lets you communicate directly with teachers in the classrooms and stay-up-to-date on your child’s day.

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