A Safe And Entertaining Environment

Games With Friends And Enrichments Expand Your Child’s Fun and Educational Day

School Age Program | 6 - 10 years | Serving Noblesville, IN

Teachers Available to Help Your Child with Homework

Teachers are available daily to help your child finish any homework and school projects.  This extra help is clearly an educational advantage. This help allows your child to stay on top of schoolwork and continue any learning done throughout the day.

Socialization is Fostered and Encouraged In The Classroom

Now is the time for your child to play with others and socialize! There are many opportunities for your child to spend extra time with friends at either end of the day.

Outdoor Play, Computer time, and Art Enrichment Included

Enrichments like computer time, additional outdoor play, art projects, and more are all included. We believe these enrichments ought to be readily available to your child, and this is why we continue to offer these activities before and after school.

Transport To and From School Provided For Convenience

We are happy to provide transportation to and from area schools at no extra charge to you.

Field Trips to Museums, Water-parks, and More Included

Much to your child’s delight there are yearly field trips to the pumpkin patch, skating rinks, children’s museums, bowling alley, water parks, fever basketball games, the zoo, parks for picnics and more.

A Designated Quiet Space For Your Child to Center Themselves

There is a designated quiet space in every classroom, with soft, oversized pillows. This area lets your child regain their calm and composure when they are feeling overwhelmed and get some quiet time and be away from everyone.

Exceptional Teachers Prepare Your Child To Win In The Classroom

All of our teachers are leaders in the field of early childhood education. Their advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities, combined with their degrees and advanced training, are what make us a cut above the rest.

Safety and Security Are A Top Priority

Your child’s safety is always our first priority. A security code is required to enter all our buildings, and there are video cameras in every classroom and playground. Your child is monitored at all by office staff as well as our vigilant teachers.

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