Your Toddler Is On The Move!

Keeping Your Child Engaged In Fun Activities While They Soak Up Information Along the Way

Toddlers Program | 13 - 24 months | Serving Noblesville, IN

Enhancing Language Development Through Practice

Your child develops language skills every day as we talk about what we see: shapes, colors, each other’s names, and the names of objects.  Through constant repetition, they learn to vocalize, and through name recognition, their budding vocabulary naturally grows.

Interaction Encourages Social Skills and Making Choices

So many new social skills stem from interacting with adults and with each other throughout the day.  Your child learns social skills such as negotiation and taking turns, as they develop empathy and understanding through doll play.

Daily Positive Reinforcement for Growing Independence

Teachers positively reinforce your child’s self-help skills and encourage them to become more independent.  We gently teach skills like asking for things, taking turns, sitting correctly, using utensils, tidying up after themselves, to name but a few of your toddler’s self-help skills.

Teachers Model Good Habits Like Handwashing and Self-Feeding

Although handwashing habits start in our infant room, your little one is learning to do this with less help now.  Putting on their own socks and shoes, as well as eating with utensils, are other examples of good self-care practices done every day.

Customized Creative Curriculum with Fun Weekly Themes

Teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities to go along with the theme they have chosen, based on your child’s observed interests. A weekly theme example is the Indianapolis racing theme, which kids adore!

Sensory Tables, Rubber Cars, And Instruments Build Minds

Toddler rooms are equipped with developmentally appropriate toys for the children to explore.  Your child plays daily with plenty of:

Arts, Painting, And Dancing Keep Children Excited

Your child leads their own artistic process, with their teacher’s guidance while getting messy and having fun. Dancing is a daily activity that will excite your child, and music is played regularly in the classroom.

Your Child’s Safety and Security is Paramount

Keeping your child safe is our top priority. A security code is required to enter all our buildings. Video cameras in all classrooms and on the playgrounds ensure that children are continuously monitored.

Highly Educated Teachers Keep Your Child Learning

All of your teachers have degrees as well as advanced training, such as the CDA (Child Development Credential). They are leaders in their field with exceptional education, skills, and abilities.

Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks Included

Proper nutrition is essential for your child’s development. We place emphasis on providing nutritional meals and snacks that are low-fat and low-sugar, at no extra cost to you.

Parent Communication App Keeps Your Child’s Day at Your Fingertips

The HiMama© parent communication lets you communicate with teachers in your chid’s classroom. Get updates on your child with a picture of them or projects they’ve completed, which are sure to bring a smile to your face.

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